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China Food & Beverage Co acquired MH Revive in November 2023 and is a wholly owned product of the Company.  Our vision is to build and or acquire blockchain applications for the food and beverage (FnB) industry. Our acquisition of MH ReVive was the first step in achieving this goal.  With our DiVinciPay partnership, customers can now pay for goods and services using crypto, track their products on the blockchain and as a member, participate in NFT rewards.



Stellar Chemical Corp. is a chemical distributor that caters to many key market segments, including pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and cosmetics.  We offer the following high quality, multi-grade chemicals USP, FCC, BP, EP, NF, ACS and Tech, in a variety of quantities, to allow our customers the option of expert customization.​

We take great pride in our inventory control system that allows us to process and deliver orders within 1-3 business days.  Our elite team of customer relations representatives keeps clients apprised of their order status from inception to arrival.  All questions are answered in a timely fashion and quote requests are completed within 48 hours, in most cases.  ​

We are an FDA registered and Kof-K Kosher certified facility, both of which allow us to offer and customize blending and formulation creation. 

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